Gay Man's Life Coach and Mentor

 Professional Life Coach, mentoring and relationship advice for gay men seeking to live more powerful lives.

This page is dedicated to the concerns of gay men.


Perhaps you feel yourself challenged by:

  • Feeling Powerful and Authentic
  • Maintaining the kind of intimate relationship you deserve
  • Receiving success as you define it
  • Letting go of old self-limiting thoughts and behaviors


Who is gay coach and mentor Michael Cohen?

I am an experienced expert in helping gay men have  a powerful and exciting life! I've worked as a psychotherapist, a coach, and as an erotic educator.

I do this work because I am passionate about empowering gay men. I've gone through my own struggles as a younger man and now share that experience with others.

I care deeply about the future of the gay community.

I love this work because it involves both the individual men I work with and then also enables those men to contribute to the world in meaningful and needed ways.

How this works

I love to partner with my clients to achieve:

  • Moving beyond feeling Stuck
  • Defining your authentic self
  • Success in relationships
  • Success in work
  • Success in your relationship with yourself / Peace of Mind


First Step

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I believe that gay men have great potential not only to lead a rich and meaningful life, but also to make significant contributions to the world. We have gifts that the world needs. Right now more than ever, the world needs men like us to show up as awake, powerful, and open-hearted. It is essential that gay men do the work of growing ourselves into stewards of the values and culture we believe in.


Next Step

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Michael Cohen

• Life Coach and Mentor
• Licensed Clinical Social Worker
• Teacher: The Body Electric School
• Passionate about changing men's lives


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