Who is Michael Cohen


I was born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin and to this day have a fondness for the lush, green and rolling hills of that beautiful state. I spent many summers in Northern Wisconsin working at a summer camp, teaching canoeing and coaching/directing other counselors in the skills of working with young boys.

I graduated from the University of Wisconsin-Madison with a Masters degree in Social Work in 1973. I then spent a year abroad, making a kibbutz in Israel home. The experiences I had there remain some of the most meaningful in my life.

Overriding the thoughts of permanently residing in Israel was the desire to come home and pursue connections with old friends and family. I moved to Connecticut where I had always (since age 12) been drawn to live. After a stab at a career teaching kindergarten (a long story!), I began my career as a social worker for a school system. My love of counseling led me to a child guidance clinic then into private practice, which I have done for 28 years now.

Since 1998, I have worked also as a Coach, which I feel I have always been, under different titles. I trained with the Institute for Life Coaching. Coaching is an exciting new endeavor which I find challenging and very satisfying. I believe that Coaching is the best way for people to find their power and to uncover what their true purpose in life is. I wish everyone was able to have a coach!

Kayaking in PAI enjoy working with people who are looking for self-improvement, people who are starting new ventures, who struggle with inner discipline, who need a new career, a new relationship, or who feel the lack of a deeper sense of meaning in their lives. New beginnings require energy, focus and most of all, support.

I enjoy being outdoors, being with friends, cooking, sewing, and reading. I put my greatest value on creating and sustaining connections with people, through work and in my personal life. My life purpose is to be a source of blessing to people, through my love, support and attention.

I offer workshops and retreats on sexuality, intimacy and relationships. Hiking in UtahI have trained with the Body Electric School in Oakland, CA. since 1994, and help facilitate their summer intensive programs. I have a strong belief in and commitment to the enhancement of erotic desire and pleasure for people. I also offer workshops of spirituality and meditation.

I am also very committed to helping gay men achieve meaningful relationships.

I am a member of the following organizations:

  • The International Coach Federation
  • The National Association of Social Workers
  • The Human Rights Campaign