Top Ten Reasons for Hiring a Coach


  • to begin a new business
  • to find a life partner
  • to change jobs or change careers
  • to take better care of yourself
  • to achieve balance between work and play
  • to move out of being stuck
  • to fulfill a life's dream
  • to follow through on a project/commitment
  • to live on purpose
  • to be more alive



lcmquoteThe natural human spirit is irrepressibly radical; it wants the unattainable, yearns for the impractical, is willing to risk the improper. But as we conform ourselves to the practicalities and proprieties of efficiency, we restrict the space between desire and control; we confine our intention to an ever decreasing range of possibilities. The choices we make, and therefore the way we feel about ourselves, are determined less by what we long for and more by what is controllable and acceptable to the world around us. After enough of this, we lose our passion. We forget who we are......We need to make room for that which is impractical and improper. We must give our intentions room to breathe.

- Gerald May, The Awakened Heart.